Sunday, September 03, 2006

Field of Dreams

cornfield  field of dreams

I thought I'd do something a little bit different with the UIC plug-ins this time. Instead of a space scene, you get a terrestrial scene. The two images are very similar, except that one is based on a fictional idea (at least with today's technology). The first image is a view of the moon over a corn field. The second is a view of the terraformed moon over the same corn field. It's hard to tell since the moon is so small in the images, but I didn't want to make something huge this time.

The terraformed moon is what the moon might look like after humans have given it an atmosphere, water, etc. to make it more hospitible. The original image is over on Wikipedia.

The corn field is from a real photo I took. The wispy clouds were made using Flaming Pear's Glitterato. The small clouds were made using UIC's interstellar gas filter. Venus in the upper right is a lens flare from UIC. And finally, the moon (in the first image) was made from a moon image map using UIC's planet filter.


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