Monday, August 21, 2006

Dual Monitor Mayhem

venus-like dual monitor

I run dual monitors at work and I like to have wallpaper that stretches across both screens nicely. To get an image to fit your screens, you will need to know the screen resolution of one monitor, mine at work is 1152 x 864. Take your screen width and multiply it by 2 (mine would be 2304) and that is how wide your image needs to be. The image height needs to be the same as your screen height (mine would be 864). So any image I want to fit across my monitors would need to be 2304 x 864. Find or create an image of that size and set it as your wallpaper, and then set the wallpaper "Position" to "Tiled".

Click on the image above to see a dual monitor image (2048 x 768) I created in Photoshop using only Universe Image Creator plug-ins.

Send me your dual monitor creations using Universe and I'll post them here.


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