Wednesday, September 06, 2006

T-minus 'til Morning

A rocket waits on the launch pad for a morning lift-off. What is its destination?

If you guessed Saturn, you would be spot on. The rocket is a NASA image of the Cassini launch vehicle. Behind that is the Moon, made by UIC and a moon image map. I added some nice inner and outer glows to the layer for effect. Behind the Moon are several Textured Stars with streaks made by UIC. Clouds are UIC Interstellar Gas modified with various photoshop filters to get the right look. The horizon colors are a photoshop gradient.

I'm not sure I like the rocket in there, but it adds more to the image. As you can tell, I'm not spending much more than 2 hours on each one. Comments welcome.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fractal Dreams

Shalana again... you're spittin' these things out fast!

"I wrote the fractal formula using Fractorama and then created the star clusters and interstellar gas in Universe Creator. Lighting effects were done using Photofiltre and the planets were created using textures from the fractal and an 8bf filter called "sphere" by Richard Roseman."

Planet Birth

Here we have another image by Shalana.

"This idea started simply with some dense nebulae from Universe Creator and then expanded and warped using 8bf filters from Cybia. I overlayed hard light and color contrast using Photofiltre. The planets were created in Wings 3D."

Field of Dreams

cornfield  field of dreams

I thought I'd do something a little bit different with the UIC plug-ins this time. Instead of a space scene, you get a terrestrial scene. The two images are very similar, except that one is based on a fictional idea (at least with today's technology). The first image is a view of the moon over a corn field. The second is a view of the terraformed moon over the same corn field. It's hard to tell since the moon is so small in the images, but I didn't want to make something huge this time.

The terraformed moon is what the moon might look like after humans have given it an atmosphere, water, etc. to make it more hospitible. The original image is over on Wikipedia.

The corn field is from a real photo I took. The wispy clouds were made using Flaming Pear's Glitterato. The small clouds were made using UIC's interstellar gas filter. Venus in the upper right is a lens flare from UIC. And finally, the moon (in the first image) was made from a moon image map using UIC's planet filter.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Space Fantasy

Shalana's third image. Keep 'em coming.

Made from imagination, Wings 3D, Photo Filtre and Universe Creator


Another image by Shalana.

Universe creator and Photofiltre were used for this graphic.

Blastoff To Eternity

UIC Showcase has its first guest images! Welcome Shalana (aka Zynthasia).

Wings 3D was used for the space ship and Universe Creator plus a dream inspired the rest.

Friday, August 25, 2006


An inhabited planet and her moons glide through the ether.

Another wide shot for 2 monitors. The main planet and large moon were made with Flaming Pear's "LunarCell" (a very nice plug-in, I might add). Everything else was made in UIC except for a few Photoshop Lens Flares.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Through A Nebula Darkly

Galactic plane through a nebula
Peering through a dusty nebula, our sites are set on an obscured arm of a vast spiral galaxy.

Here is another potential multi-monitor wallpaper that I made with Photoshop, UIC plug-ins and the Flaming Pear "Glitterato" plug-in. UIC plug-ins used: Stars, Textured Stars with streaks), Galaxy, and Interstellar Gas.

There is a layer of Stars, then some dim Textured Stars, followed by Galaxy (multi-hued), then the Glitterato, the Interstellar Gas (two Difference Cloud filter runs on it), and finally Textured Stars with streaks. Some blurring and opacity changes thrown in there to finish it off.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dual Monitor Mayhem

venus-like dual monitor

I run dual monitors at work and I like to have wallpaper that stretches across both screens nicely. To get an image to fit your screens, you will need to know the screen resolution of one monitor, mine at work is 1152 x 864. Take your screen width and multiply it by 2 (mine would be 2304) and that is how wide your image needs to be. The image height needs to be the same as your screen height (mine would be 864). So any image I want to fit across my monitors would need to be 2304 x 864. Find or create an image of that size and set it as your wallpaper, and then set the wallpaper "Position" to "Tiled".

Click on the image above to see a dual monitor image (2048 x 768) I created in Photoshop using only Universe Image Creator plug-ins.

Send me your dual monitor creations using Universe and I'll post them here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

In The Beginning...


This is a site to post your Universe created images. They can be made entirely from Universe or from some other package with the Universe plug-ins - but some aspect of the image must be made from Universe. Please explain your image in as much detail as you like.

It doesn't matter where the image is hosted, but please make sure your links work. I used flickr to host the image for this post.

Comments are welcome, but please be kind and be helpful.

If you would like to submit your work you will need to signup with Blogger, and email the uniblogger (removing *no-spam*) with your username.

The Uniblogger